Directorate of Public Private Partnerships

Directorate of Public Private Partnerships

The Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Directorate is established under section 15 of the PPP Act of 2021 and is domiciled at the National Treasury. The Directorate, which is headed by a Director – General, is the technical arm of the PPP Committee and is mandated to facilitate implementation of the Public Private Partnership Programme and Projects in Kenya. The PPP Directorate’s functions include:

  • Originating, guiding and coordinating the selection, ranking and prioritization of public private partnership projects within the public budget framework;
  • Overseeing project appraisal and development activities of contracting authorities including providing technical expertise in the implementation of projects under the PPP Act 2021;
  • Leading contracting authorities in project structuring, procurement, tender evaluation, contract negotiation and deal closure;
  • On its own motion, originating and leading in project structuring and procurement, in liaison with a contracting authority;
  • Supporting the development of public private partnership programmes in the country;
  • Overseeing contract management frameworks for projects under the PPP Act 2021;


For more information on the Directorate and the PPP Programme in Kenya, please visit the Public Private Partnerships website through the following  link….

Download the establishing legislation for the PPP Directorate here below:-

Public Private Partnership (PPP) Act, 2013

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