Sector Budget Proposal Reports

Sector Budget Proposal Reports

Sector Budget Proposal Reports.

In line with the UN-Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG), the MDAs performing closely related functions have been grouped to form a Sector. In this regard, the functions of the Government for the purpose of MTEF budgeting will remain mapped into ten sectors namely; Agriculture, Rural and Urban Development (ARUD); Energy, Infrastructure and ICT; General Economic and Commercial Affairs (GECA); Health; Education; Governance, Justice, Law & Order (GJLO); Public Administration & International Relations (PAIR); National Security; Social Protection, Culture and Recreation; and Environmental.

Respective SWGs shall be responsible for formulation and prioritization of sector budget proposals with clear terms of reference highlighted in the circular issued in accordance to Section 36 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012, providing guidelines on the processes and procedures for preparing the  MTEF budget.

For more information on specific sector reports click here.

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