External Resources Estimates Handbook

External Resources Estimates Handbook

The Government mobilizes resources domestically and externally to bridge the budget deficit to support public investments which are aligned to the government development agenda. The external resources are sourced as Official Development Assistance (ODA) from multilateral and bilateral partners in form of loans and grants.

The external borrowing is aligned to the Constitution, the Public Finance Management Act 2012, the Public Debt and Borrowing Policy, and the Kenya External Resources Policy (KERP). These legal and policy frameworks guides the sourcing and management of the ODA.

The National Treasury develops an annual External Resources Estimates Handbook that provides an insight on programmes and projects financed through external resources. This Handbook details the externally funded programmes and projects being implemented by various agencies in the FY 2020/2021.

The following are copies of the External Resources Estimates Handbooks for the previous years.

External Resources Hand Book 2021-2022

External Resources Hand Book 2020-2021

External Resources Hand Book 2019-2020

External Resources Hand Book 2018-2019

External Resources Hand Book 2017-2018

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