National Parameters & Commodity Conversion

National Parameters and Commodity Specific Conversion Factors (CSCFs)

The National Parameters and Commodity-Specific Conversion Factors (CSCF) database has been developed by a consortium for the Republic of Kenya. The CSCFs are used to translate market prices for goods and services into corresponding economic value by accounting for various distortions that are present in the Kenyan economy such as taxes, subsidies, monopolies, etc. The database contains CSCFs for all tradable commodities (6300), listed under the Harmonized System for classifying goods.

The web-based application allows analysts to easily locate a particular good, either using HS code or the name of the commodity. The CSCFs estimates, therefore, greatly save time that would otherwise be spent to complete economic appraisal of an investment project as the estimates are readily available for an analyst.

Moreover, it also greatly improves the consistency of project appraisal across all MDAs as major inputs required to transit from financial into economic appraisal is now standardized. It should be noted that the toolkit provides great flexibility, allowing the analyst to easily update any of the parameters used for calculation import/export duties and excise duties.

For more information on National Parameters and Commodity-Specific Conversion Factors (CSCF) click the link below.

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