Public Investment and Portfolio Management

Directorate of Public Investment and Portfolio Management

The Directorate is headed by a Director General, reporting to the Principal Secretary. It is organized into the following four (4) Technical Departments each headed by a Director:

  1. Government Investment and Public Enterprises
  2. National Assets and Liabilities Management
  3. Pensions Department
  4. Public Investment Management (PIM) Unit

The Directorate undertakes the following functions:

  • Be a custodian of an inventory of national government assets and liabilities except as may be provided by the Constitution or any other legislation;
  • Monitor the management of the finances of public enterprises and investments by the national government and its entities;
  • Monitor financial performance of state corporations;
  • Divestiture of public enterprises and coordination of public private partnerships;
  • Manage the Public investment policy;
  • Assist county governments to develop their capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management;
  • Develop policies and regulations on asset management;
  • Formulate public pension policy and administration;
  • Formulate policies and regulations for retirement benefits;
  • Coordinate and manage Group Personal Accident;
  • Process and pay pensions and other benefits; and
  • Undertake research on portfolio management to inform Policy development.
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